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The Place for Ceramic Tile & Stone in Burlington & Mount Hope

Made from special clays baked at very high temperatures, ceramic tile is an attractive and very hard surface that is perfect for many residential, commercial and industrial applications. From our two locations in Burlington and Mount Hope, Eden Tile-It carries a wide and diverse selection of ceramics that are perfect for many types of surfaces. We also do installations!

What Types of Ceramic Tile are There?

Ceramic tile comes in a variety of styles and materials. While some are glazed with a layer of liquid glass, others have been left untreated for a more natural, rustic appearance. When searching for the right type of ceramic tile, it’s important to let us know how you intend to use it so we may recommend the type most suited to your installation.

Why Choose Ceramic Tile?

Whether used as a backsplash or for flooring, ceramic tile remains a popular option due to its classic looks and low maintenance requirements. Cleaning ceramic tile is usually as simple as wiping it down with a damp cloth or mop to get the surface clean. Since it is cured by fire, ceramic tiles also have a natural resistance to fire and can actually help retain the structure in the event of a fire.

For these reasons and more, ceramic tile remains a popular option for flooring, walls, as well as kitchen and bath surrounds.

Is Tile Economical?

It used to take days of firing for clay to become durable enough to use in ceramic flooring. Nowadays, we have a process known as “monocottura,” an Italian term referring to “single-fired” pieces. In this process, individual tiles are fired and glazed simultaneously, greatly reducing the production time from several days to a matter of hours. Another advantage to this method is a denser and more durable tile with a flat back, allowing for an easier installation.

A similar process called bicottura (“double-fired”) breaks the process in two. The clay is fired a first time and then again with a glaze added to the layer of ceramic. Tiles in this case may be fired several times, and are generally a little less durable than monocottura ceramic tiles. Bicottura tiles should really be restricted to an indoor application, mostly as wall tiles and backsplashes because of their softer body and glaze.

Which Type of Tile is Right for Me?

Much the same as other types of flooring, some of the considerations to be taken into account for ceramic tile are hardness, slip resistance, resistance to abrasion and impact resistance. Generally, these are judged in terms of application. The proposed location of your installation and the likelihood that the type of ceramic tile you’ve chosen will stand up to the conditions it will need to endure should be carefully considered when choosing your ceramic tile. To aid you in making an informed decision, there is a system of ceramic tile grading which standardizes the durability of ceramic tile from the Porcelain Enamel Institute. This is what is called the PEI (or sometimes just “PE”) rating, which outlines all ceramic tiles into groups according to suggested usage, specifically with the factor of foot traffic in mind. The PEI rating will be a valuable tool for those looking to install ceramic tile, but are unsure of which type of tile is most appropriate.

Ceramic floor tile offers a wide variety of choices and a unique aesthetic effect for your space. Due to its natural make-up and texture, ceramic floor tile can serve many of your practical requirements as well. As such, choosing ceramic floor tile is actually a very balanced choice.

To see what type of ceramic tile is right for your application, please visit an Eden Tile-It showroom today!

Natural Stone Products for the Burlington Area

Natural stone delivers a classic look unrivalled by the many fabricated options available today. Eden Tile-It offers a selection of marble, granite and slate that can add timeless elegance to floors and surfaces. Our enormous selection of styles and colours can provide you with a truly customized, exquisite look.

Since no two pieces are alike, it’s important to take special care and consideration when choosing a natural stone material prior to the installation. Visiting Eden Tile-It in either Burlington or Mount Hope can be a great help in choosing the right natural stone for your application. We also invite you to call us to request information on the many natural stone products we have on hand, or to request an estimate.


The hardest of all natural stones, granite is a perfect choice for kitchen and bath surfaces. As an igneous stone, granite gets its unique look from being formed through volcanic activity and magma and later being cooled under the Earth’s surface.

Marble, Travertine and Limestone

Both limestone and travertine are derived from the elements, including glaciers, rivers, oceans, wind and plants that through heat and pressure have bonded together over the span of millions of years. When limestone softens as a result of heat and pressure, then later recrystallizes, it then becomes marble.


With its natural clefting, occasional fossil inclusions, and colour variety, slate can make a rustic, yet refined home decor statement. Natural slate is a fine-grained metamorphic stone that can form from sedimentary rock shale, clay and sometimes quartz.

Get a Free Estimate Today

To discover what type of natural stone product is right for your installation, call Eden Tile-It for an estimate, or visit us in Burlington or Mount Hope.


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